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Industry 4.0

  • Electricity management through the elimination of consumption (available via streaming)
  • Artificial data analyses to optimize your process (available via streaming)
  • Predictive maintenance via vibration Tools (available via streaming)

Energy Savings

  • Energy savings optimization in papermaking (available via streaming)
  • Optimization of existing vacuum system (available via streaming)
  • Global analyses of the drying section (available via streaming)

Chemistry Management

  • Stickies identification, measurement and solution (available via streaming)
  • Color and Dyes utilisation optimization (available via streaming)
  • LIVE 2019 June 27th : In situ PCC Introduction
  • Nano cellulose production and application (available via streaming)
  • Propertise of raw materials and fillers (available via streaming)
  • The advantage of the use of enzymes in papermaking (availbale via streaming)

Water Management

  • New vision of seeing the waste as a valuable co-product
  • Controlling mineral & corrosive deposits 1 (available via streaming)
  • Controlling mineral & corrosive deposits 1 (available via streaming)


  • Clothing conditioning optimization (available via streaming)

Tissue specificities

  •  Tissue quality and inter-related properties (available via streaming)
  • Wet End control to optimize Yankee coating (available via streaming)
  • Yankee Coating Optimization (available via streaming)
  • Yankee Hood and Air Systems, Yankee Hood Drying (available via streaming)
  • LIVE 2019 September 26th : Inter relation between Yankee coating and creping
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