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Train effectively, sustain knowledge and competences from your factory and become independent and agile in your training. To train groups of machine operators, opt for the solution of tailor-made interactive e-learning training. This solution is developed and adapted according to your needs, your process and the level of requirements of the job. Choose the solution that suits you between the creation of customized e-learning modules only or the complete solution "BLENDED" from diagnosis to certification. In any case, the e-learning modules are fully created and adapted to maximize the learner's interaction during his training, to optimize the learning. They are composed of scenarios, videos, diagrams, 2D / 3D animations, as well as playful explanations. All our developers are creators of modules and trainers in parallel, which guarantees an appropriate pedagogy of our INTERACTIVE e-modules. The learner is involved in his training and follows the e-modules at his own pace whenever he wishes and as many times as he wishes.

  • Exchange and discuss together, to establish the training objectives.
  • Assistance in the diagnosis of operational staff at workplace.
Adapted assessments
  • In the form of a very advanced quiz
  • Focused on the objectives of the needs
  • Online on our platform or offline
  • Before and after training, to follow the progression
  • Available in all languages
Adapted e-learning
  • Module accessible via our platform or on your own (if you have one)
  • Created and Adapted upfront, to your factory (process, issues and level of learners)
  • Very High efficiency of training
  • Available in all languages
Sustain the competences of your factory.
It is always accompanied by an “in-house” mentor (who is trained if necessary).
Adapted face-to-face in group
  • In classroom, based on exchanges, work on concrete cases, scenario ...
  • In addition to e-learning
  • Adapted to your level and process
  • At the workplace and individually
Performed by IBC Paper Training trainers or internal trainers. IBC can train an “in-house” trainer for you if needed.
Guided adapted practice
  • Hands on tasks 'list to be performed by the learner
  • Fully adapted to the process and the position
  • In relation with each content theme of the e-modules
  • Available in all languages
Accompanied by an “in-house” mentor (who is trained if needed).
Training of the mentors
  • Mentors are responsible for monitoring learners for the e-learning and for the hands on tasks 'list
  • “In-house” or inter-company training
  • CQP or other certifications
  • With certified jury of the branch
  • On-site certification handing, at the post
Via the UNIDIS Stratégie Avenir network.
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