2019-2020 WebSeries program

Last June, IBC Paper Training broadcasted its 12th episode of the webinar known as the WebSeries. It was first launched in early 2018.
Covering a multitude of topics from energy saving, water management and industry 4.0, the WebSeries program is accessible through an annual or bi-monthly subscription via an individual login session but also via streaming, which includes the access to the entire WebSeries library.
The WebSeries goes live every last Thursday of the month with two sessions : one in the morning and one in the afternoon covering almost all time zones worldwide.

The subscription is valid for your entire mill, regardless of the number of attendees for each webinar.


With this service, IBC Paper Training provides an independent perspective to paper makers and suppliers of the industry in general and a learning experience through a live Q&A session with the experts.

For the period 2019-2020, IBC Paper Training already released the program with the following content and dates mentioned below.


  • LIVE 2019 September 26th: Set-up your Yankee coating in relation to creping
  • LIVE 2019 October 31st: The chemical approach for stickies management
  • LIVE 2019 November 28th: Next generation defect detection: The ultimate advancement for production quality
  • LIVE 2019 December 19th: Circular Economy: what’s in it for paper?
  • LIVE 2020 January 30th: Sizing: How to meet the latest paper quality and performance demand
  • LIVE 2020 February 27th: How to improve efficiency while saving cost with your machine drying system
  • LIVE 2020 March 26th : Take more out of your waste water plant facility
  • LIVE 2020 April 20th: Latest technology advancement on fiber refining
  • LIVE 2020 May 28th: Maintenance 4.0 Advanced system data to improve paper machine up time
  • LIVE 2020 June 25th: Paper Coating new trend to raise your paper value