Tailor-made e-learning

Tailor made e-learning implementation to train back and machine tenders in several companies in France. IBC Paper Training and those companies have been working closely together to develop those e-modules to improve operators compétences.

The Learning path is composed of:

  • digital modules,
  • hand’s on tasks list (linked to the job function)
  • face to face modules
  • certification


To adapt the e-learning modules to the needs, level and process of those companies, IBC team has spent time in their paper mills. During this step all the teams have worked closely together to perfectly respond to the needs of those companies. 

Once the e-modules ready, the learners have followed, via their own personnal log-in, the modules on our internet Platform. In parallel, after each e-module content the learners have worked by themselves on the hand’s on tasks list (link the applied theory from the e-module to real practical field).  All the hand’s on task lists have been validated by a mentor internally and by IBC team to warranty the efficiency of the training . 

Tailor-made e-learning