Symposium USA/Canada

The French Touch paper-making industry presented its know-how at the traveling symposium “Innovation & technologies in the paper industry” in the United States and Canada from 12-16 March 2018. SYMOP (French Association for Manufacturing Technologies) was pleased to host its Symposium on innovation and technologies in the paper industry. The symposium was supported by Business France North America (French Trade Office) and its official partners SYMOP, PAPTAC and TAPPI. 

The French Touch tackled important issues such as how to manufacture more innovative papers while being mindful of quality, productivity, environment, energy, flexibility, digitalization, training and so on. It was a full day event where following French companies presented their latest technologies and interacted with the audience :

  • ACOEM – ONE PROD (Smart monitoring, diagnosis & solutions)
  • ALLIMAND (Paper machine manufacturer)
  • CTP (Technical Center for Pulp and Paper)
  • DELTA NEU (Dust control, ventilation, pneumatic waste handling systems)
  • IBC PAPER TRAINING (Live e-learning, blended learning and on-site training)
  • NEYRTEC (Waste water treatment and sludge dewatering systems)
  • PALL (Filtration solutions)
  • SOLARONICS BEKAERT (Infrared and air-drying solutions)
  • STIL (Non-contact measurement system chromatic confocal technology)
  • TECHPAP (Online and laboratory equipment)
  • VEOLIA (Water treatment)
Symposium USA/Canada