Frequently asked questions

How often will new videos from the webseries be available?

You will get new videos every month with a minimum of 9 videos a year. An expert video per month with the exception of summer break.

What happens once I'm registered to the E-Newsletter ?

You will receive our E-Newsletter twice a month which follows-up the themes of the upcoming web series, as well as some other news from IBC.

Why should I suscribe to the webserie?

The subscription allows access to new videos but also to our previous videos.
You can also access the live videos to ask your questions directly to our experts.

What payment methods are accepted on the site?

You can pay via PayPal or by credit card.

Is a broadband internet connection needed?

Not, but it is a definite plus.

The faster the internet connection, the better the streaming quality will be.

Who can follow the courses?

The information provided in the webseries is targerted to any technical English-speaking employees.

How long does my susbcription to the WebSerie last ?

You have a one-year access once you register.

Your suscription is automatically renewed to prevent you from losing access to our videos.