Frequently asked questions

How often will new videos from the web series be available?

The frequency of new videos will take place every month with minimum 9 videos a year. An expert video per month, so with the exception of holidays months (July and August).

Once registered to the newsletter, what happens?

You will receive one to two times a month news, to follow the themes of the upcoming web series, as well as other news from IBC … 

What are the advantages of a subscription to the webserie?

The subscription allows access to future videos, but also to the history of old videos. You can also access the live videos to ask questions directly to our experts.

What payment methods are accepted on the site?

You can pay via paypal or credit card.

Is a broadband internet connection needed?

Not, but she is advised. The faster the internet connection, the better the streaming quality will be interrupted.

Who can follow the courses?

The information provided in the web series is destined to any technical persons speaking English.

How long does it take to watch the web series?

Your subscription lasts one year from registration. Renewal is automatic to prevent you from losing access to our videos.

Are the training modules accessible from tablets or smartphones?

The training modules are meant to be used on computer. They  are accessible from tablets, but some features are not active due to touch. On phones, the operating reliability is very random, depending on the models and compatibility with our modules, but the size of the screen is quite small anyway and hence not suitable for a training process.


How to track the progress of the learner in the training?

We carry out progress reports (every two weeks) to know the time spent and progress of each participant.

Is it possible to have extracts from the training modules to test myself?

It is not possible to have an extract from each training module, however a demo is available on our website, which allows you to discover parts of our e-learning and to become familiar with the platform. Access it via the browsers of the last version of Internet explorer  and Chrome with last update of Flash media player.

What are the main benefits of your e-Learning courses?

Our modules are designed to be interactive, dynamic and educational.

What is the difference between e-Learning and online training?

E-Learning is a set of solutions and means of distance learning via platforms and / or tools online or to download. E-Learning is a term commonly used to refer to e-learning, online training or digital learning.

What payment methods are accepted on the site?

You can pay via paypal or credit card.

What happens if I have to stop the training when I have not finished my training module?

The e-learning platform records your progress in the training, which allows you to resume the training module in the same place as before, thus facilitating the monitoring of your learning.

How do I do if I want to enroll several people in different courses?

We’ll contact you via email within 72 hours to know the amount of users and their distribution in the different courses.

What happens if I want to enroll several people in the same training?

When you receive your email with the registration to our platform, you will receive several identifiers, which will allow you to communicate to the interested persons the individual accesses to their personal space on our e-learning training platform.

Can I register for several courses at the same time?

Yes. They will all be available on your personal space on our platform, and you can follow them in parallel, or one after the other, in a limited period of one month.

Once enrolled in the training modules, what happens?

After registration, you receive a confirmation of purchase by email, then, within 72 hours, a new email with an ID and a connection address on our platform. This will allow you to access your personal space and your training.

Is a broadband internet connection needed?

No. The training modules have a maximum size of 100 MB, which allows them to be perfectly adapted to corporate access, where the internet connection is often shared between all users.

Who can follow the modules?

The training modules are intended for current operators, in order to deepen their knowledge in their fields, or in the context of training for a new position.

How long does an e-learning course last?

An IBC e-learning training lasts between 2h and 6h, depending on the speed of learning and the content of the training. Each duration is detailed on the detailed form of the training.

How long do we have the access for?

Access to training is unlimitedly available for 1 month. It is possible to review the same course several times during this period.

Is e-learning interactive?

Yes. Our e-learning is a clever mix between parts of videos, audios, texts but based on the activity of the learner. It is necessary to click to access information, to advance in the training, to accomplish activities or games. The learner is therefore active in his training, which contributes to his learning.

Is it necessary to have a specific software for e-learning?

The e-learning works simply by using Internet browsers (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome …). There is no installation required, you just need to have a computer and a browser with Adobe Flash Player both updated.