Multicylinders drying (360min)

Module specially developped with neuro-scientific teaching technics i.e learning:  – at your own pace, at your place of work – more often but on shorter period – by being active: interact continuously with the system to « do it yourself » – by following the playful explanations – by challenging yourself with quizzes and simulations. Dedicated to factory staff but also to suppliers or schools in relation with the pulp & paper industry. Available in french and english.

Program Program
Drying overview
  • Cylindres
  • Ventilation
Steam and condensate concepts
  • Thermodynamic
  • Steam and condensate
  • Equipments
  • Process control
  • Ventilation concepts
  • Equipments
  • Ventilation management
Drying fabrics
  • Design and properties
  • Conditioning
Drying management
  • Control parameters
  • Other
Drying efficiency
  • Heat recovery
  • Understand the installation of the Drying section of the machine.
  • Understand the role and principle of each element making up this section.
  • Manage machine settings based on incoming paper, machine runnability and manufactured paper.
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