Basics (120min)

Test our digital Activ’e-learning tools designed with neuro-scientific teaching techniques such as:
– learning at your own pace, at your workplace during short, but regular sessions
– being active: you will be quizzed, you will interact with the system and you will be able to test yourself
– following fun explanations
– challenging yourself with quizzes and simulations
Our modules are available in French, English and Spanish.
Essentials ® solutions: access our digital Activ’e-learning content from your workstation.Includes progression and monitoring features.

Program Program
  • 13 courses
  • 2 hours total
  • Languages available : French, English & Spanish
  • Compatibility : desktop, tablet, phone
  • Paper Material
  • Various types of papers and their properties
Raw material
  • Fiber material
  • Pulps
Before the machine
  • Stock preparation
  • Chemistry
  • Stock approach
Machines (Tissue and Paper/Board)
  • Forming
  • Pressing
  • Drying
  • Coating
  • Calendering
  • Winding
  • Acquire paper vocabulary
  • Know how to identify and understand all steps of papermaking
  • Understand the basics of paper quality
290 € excl. taxes
per package / pers / 2 weeks
Number of users
Solution implementation
Expert ® the tailor-made

Implement the Expert ® digital solution, a tailor-made Activ’e-learning content to capitalize your company's knowledge and raise the potential of your people skills up to an expert level of your own process and equipment. Get high standard skills improvement for a better process efficiency.