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How to build up your knowledge from your office?

► Get Solutions and tips to improve efficiency in your Yankee Section.

► Understand and better control your Pressing- Drying- Coating and Creping.

► Improve your Tissue runnability and reduce your Total Operating Cost “TOC”

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Optimize your water system closure and effluent treatment

► Understand the global closing of water process in Papermaking

► Understand the water chemistry and get practical solution in succeeding in closing your water process

► Improve the efficiency of your water treatement plant and add value to your rejects and effluents.

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Follow our Streaming 

►  Get to know the solutions and Best Practices to improve your Paper Machine Efficiency

► Acquire knowledge to better analyze and control

► Improve your runnability and reduce your Total Operating Cost “TOC”

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SYMPOSIUM in South Africa: IBC took part of the two technical symposiums that were held in Durban and Johannesburg on the 7 and 9th of June respectively. Those symposiums were organised by Business France, the French Trade Commission in South Africa, in partnership with SYMOP, the French Association for Manufacturing Technologies. The symposiums were aimed to provide… Read more »

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Train on the job with our self paced e-learning courses. Those e-learning courses are developped with maximum interaction, scenari and videos, 2D and 3D animations that warranty the success of the training. The learner accesses our plateform on internet at anytime via a personnal log-in. All those technical e-courses are specially designed for the Pulp and Paper Industry. Continuous… Read more »